Peter Aust - WeddingsWhy have a toastmaster?

Why have toastmaster? You have been planning your special day, possibly for many months, maybe years. All that you have planned and hoped for will happen in four hours or thereabouts. Who is going to ensure that it all runs smoothly and to time? Answer; a toastmaster

A professional toastmaster will run through the event with you a couple of weeks before the big day. Taking careful note of exactly what you want and your timings. The toastmaster will then ensure that the event runs to your specifications so that all of the top table can relax and enjoy the day rather than being concerned that that it will run smoothly and to time.

You only have one opportunity to get it right. Many people think that toastmasters just make announcements, but that is the smallest part of their job.

Some other duties include:

  • DISCUSSING in advance your particular requirements, advising on speeches and sequence of events.
  • ON THE DAY. arrive at the venue in time to ensure co-ordination of activities and personnel.
  • ENSURING guests are welcomed and directed to the appropriate places.
  • TO ADVISE groomsmen on accepting and taking care of gifts and cards.
  • WELCOMING the bride and bridegroom.
  • ASSISTING the photographer to organise groups.
  • LIAISING with the banqueting staff.
  • ORGANIZING the receiving line.
  • ESCORTING parents to the top table.
  • FORMALLY announcing the bride & bridegroom into the receiving line.
  • GIVING A suitable grace if required
  • ANNOUNCING and conducting the cutting of the wedding cake.
  • INTRODUCING each speaker with the correct preamble.
  • PRODUCING flowers and gifts at the right time.
  • CLOSING the formalities and retiring the bride and bridegroom from the room.
  • INFORMING guests of the next stage of the proceedings.